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Samuel Robuste & Pastor Gregory Anpil Woch Va Roule, Nanm Mwen Beni Senye a, Mizerikod Ou Pap Fini

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The blessing of obedience


To love the LORD, your GOD, to obey His Voice, and to bind you to Him: for this depends your life, and the prolongation of your days, and that is how you will be able to live in the land The LORD has sworn to give to your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Deuteronomy 30:20.


THE WORD OF GOD is a Blessing to those who obey the LORD LORD. At the same time A two-edged sword to separate or strike, according to Hebrews 4:12 or Revelation 19:15. Obedience to the Divine Precepts is not an unimportant thing for us, it is our life, and it is here that the days are prolonged on this land which the LORD has given us, declares Deuteronomy 32 47.


There is a reward in obedience to the SUPREME GOD. This remuneration produces the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves GOD and the one who does not serve Him, promises Malachi 3:18.

Attaching yourself to Your FATHER CELESTE is a guarantee of success in your businesses and well-being in your daily life. Unlike infidels who lack protection, and are destroyed, according to Psalm 73:19.


But the goodness of the Lord lasts forever for those who fear Him, and His mercy for the children of their children, reveals Psalm 103: 17. For the Love of God is to keep His Commandments, says 1 John 5: 3. A Christian who knows his FAITHFUL GOD will spontaneously obey His precepts that bring blessing to eternal life.

Every Christian should know this principle:
"When I obey the LIVING GOD, I am blessed!"

Pastor Givelord

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Forgive others


Have you ever tried to forgive someone, and discovered that you could not do it?
True forgiveness has nothing to do with feelings. It is an act of the will, but also a divine act. It is based on our obedience to God and our faith in Him. Forgiveness is not an option: «  and be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, even as God also in Christ forgave you ».


                  Ephesians 4:32  

Ministeries Nissi

Praise to the Majestic Lord.

Psalm 29 A Davidic Psalm.

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